Fast talking, encyclopedic coverage

Take two knowledgeable, opinionated uber-movie-fans and have them riff on a seemingly infinite number of Top 5 categories. Whether you agree with their ranking or not, each podcast will gift you with half a dozen titles that you must absolutely rush to Netflix or Amazon to see. Who doesn’t love that kind of curation?

Know your movies?

What a fun and unique podcast! JT and JT have an honest and enjoyable view about films and a unique way of including and challenging their audience each week. This is a must for podcast fans.

I had the time of my life!

Movie nerds are my people! I love how playful and fun this show is. It’s a refreshing podcast on my feed filled with too much doom and gloom. I had the time of my life!

Siskel and Ebert?

When I was a kid I loved to watch Siskel and Ebert, I was fascinated by the fact that people were paid to watch movies and then rant about how good or bad they were based on their lofty notions of quality film. Although this is not that, it is also not a complete departure. I really enjoy the friendly banter that is rooted in a relationship that is genuine and pure “nice”. These two have deep knowledge and are true movie geeks of the best kind. Maybe they are the kinder Siskel and the gentler Ebert… or maybe not. But in any case they are super entertaining and just the shot of movie geekiness that I need on a weekly basis!


These two share with us the best of a good friendship. An intimacy that brings forth insightful comments and analysis. I wind up thinking about even familiar movies in new and interesting ways.

A fun escape

Just to friends sharing views. No politics, nothing serious, just real fun talk and banter.

Always makes me smile

I love hearing the banter between these 2. It feels like I’m listening in on their private conversations. Plus the variety of topics keeps me coming back for more!